Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is route ki sabhi line e vyasth hai

If you are an Indian and have used any form of telecommunication be it the wired or the wireless connection you might have heard it. It you haven't than you have somewhat missed the true taste of using a phone in India. The best part is the same message is played in Hindi, English and Regional Languages so it gives you an opportunity to learn a regional language which you may not otherwise know.

Although we are one of the fastest growing Telecom markets in the world thanks to the mobile revolution in India our service quality has gone from bad to worse. To state it in a scientific term the network quality has become inversely proportional to the number of connections. For those who don't understand science it means more the number of connections worst is the network quality.

We Indians are also not helping our cause by putting stress on our choked networks with something called 'Missed Calls'. We have mastered the art of missed calls and devised codes for the receiver of our 'Missed Calls' (eg 1 Missed Call – I have reached, 2 Missed Calls – I am fine...etc). Anything that is not charged in our country we seem to patronise it.

Recently I was trying to get through a call but my redialling went in vein. I told my friend that international standards set for call drop is 1/1000000 (sigma six) i.e, out of 1000000 dialled numbers only one should fail. He mocked at me saying “Your luck always has the '1' call that can fail in the international standard. I told my friend that even if the operators promise me 1/100 call drop rate I will accept it with a smile.

Mobiles were supposed to ease life rather they have made us dependent on them. The irony is when in the time of need you may end up hearing 'Is route ki sabhi line e vyasth hai kripaya thodi der baad dail kare...All channels to this route are busy please try after some time. As for the regional languages just fill in the blanks ________!!


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