Saturday, November 29, 2008

War Over – Time for Politics

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

The Mumbai carnage has finally come to an end and all the terrorists have been neutralised. Our politicians finally have the time to take a dig at each other and settle scores. While the BJP will be targeting the Congress calling it 'soft on terror', the Manmohan Singh government will try to safe guard its vote banks at the cost of the lives of each Indian. Our Prime Minister and his highly talented Home Minister Shivraj Patil seem to be the most helpless souls on the planet today.

Our Prime Minister will now be thinking of ways to safeguard the rights of Ajmal the terrorist nabbed much like they victoriously did for Mohammad Afzal Guru convicted in the Parliament attack case. It is ironical that they did this when their own lives was at stake in the temple of Indian democracy. They will leave no stone unturned in dishonouring the men in uniform who do not care about their own lives when I-N-D-I-A is in question.

Even dangerous are certain breed of politicians like Amar Singh and Mamata Banerjee who will soon term this entire operation by our brave soldiers as a false encounter much like they did in the Batla house case. If they cannot salute the martyrdom of a hero like Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma they have no right to dishonour his sacrifice for the sake of his motherland. How many times has Mr Amar Singh run into bullets himself to understand what an encounter is?

And how can we forget the hypocrisy of people like Arundhuti Roy who is silent in all this. Why did she not condemn the attacks on Mumbai when she shouted for the independence of Kashmir? Is she suffering from a sore throat or she is not in touch with the current affairs? She would have championed the cause of the terrorists had they been caught alive by our security forces. Just because we are a democratic nation with freedom of speech granted to us we have no right to go insane while we speak.

The easiest thing for us to do is to point a finger at Pakistan. Well its true they were the perpetrators of this bloodbath but what about the traitors sitting inside the border. Why aren't our security forces given teeth to fight these terror modules spread across the country. Why aren't they being armed with laws not just guns to take on the mindless urban terrorism we are witnessing for some years now. Would the Israelis and the Americans responded in the same way as we are doing had they been attacked?

Hemant Karkare, Gajendra Singh, Sandeep Unnikrishnan,, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Shashank Shinde, Prakash More, B Durgunde, Tukaram Ombale, A R Chitte, Vijay Khandekar, M C Chaudhary, Yogesh Patil, Jaywant Patil, Ambadas Pawar and Balwant Bhosale are not just names they are bravehearts who sacrificed their lives for the country. They been let down by a weak political class which wants to preach peace to murderers.

I regret for the tone of my blog but like many in this country I too have reached a saturation point. We have to act now or we are yet to see the worst. As a common Indian I pray for the souls of the people who have fallen victims to this massacre. I salute the courage and the sacrifice of our security forces who once again saved the day for India.


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