Friday, November 7, 2008

Dada does dadagiri in his last match

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Many people were after his head right from the time he made his debut. As the almighty would have scripted for him, Dada proved everybody wrong even in his last test match. The alleged him to be a selfish man who plays for money, found out every possible error in his batting style. The selectors ridiculously made him a part of the playing 11 as a 'bowling all-rounder' and and even went on to suggest he is in the team not because of his cricketing skills.

The classy 85 is an answer to all those souls who not only doubted this man but took every opportunity in humiliating him. The innings is an answer to one Aussie who tried to reform Indian cricket by dictating terms rather than working with the players. The innings is a remainder to all the selectors who failed to respect the contribution of the man when he was out of form and needed the board to back him most.

People who did not play one tenth the cricket played by Dada were calling for his head. Sorry for those who had earned their living by Ganguly bashing, they loose their means of livelihood with his retirement. The spy agents who would know anything Sourav said and did before Sourav himself have to search for a new client. If only we had learned to respect out heroes.....

When Sourav danced down the track to Krejza and lofted him for a massive six it was the last time cricket lovers would see this magnificent sight. This had been his trademark shot over the years and personified his elegant stroke play. He played a chance less innings with perfection with some classy shots on the off side of the wicket which over the years he had mastered. It is sad India's most successful southpaw did not get a deserving hundred on his last test match.


SoMdKiLlEr November 8, 2008 at 10:44 PM  

got this link from Calcomm..very well-written and approapriate, indeed.its very true and probably ironical that Kumble and Dada, for whom this is going to be the last test series, have never been given their due acknowledgement by the so-called pundits of Indian Cricket, but will be in our hearts forever.

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