Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The biggest drama reaches its climax

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

There is a saying “when America votes the world watches” and going by the events in the last six months the phrase has lived upto its claim. Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have become celebrities the world over. People pushed their local leaders to the back seat and started following the US Presidential elections
discussing the pros and cons of both the candidates. Sad but true most of these people will not have a say in who will be the next resident of the White House.

India has been keeping a close eye on the event and the media has done enough post mortem of whether McCain or Obama is better for us. The foreign experts and the media have scrutinised both the candidates and a general perception running in our country is Obama and his policies are anti-India. India. The greatest concern for Indian will be the fragile US economy which the next President will inherit.

Barack Obama seems most likely to be the 44th President of United States of America. His economic and military policies seem to be protective. He has taken up the cause of too much of outsourcing of jobs to countries like India. He is not wrong in doing so, he has to protect the interest of his own countryman many of whom are jobless as these jobs are outsourced to India. He has also raised questions against President Bush's aggressive military campaigns which have hardly yielded any results rather claimed thousands of American lives.

On the other hand the Vietnam veteran John McCain is not talking anything about policy shift and is expected to continue with Bush's policies if elected to the White House. From the Indian perspective he may be good in regards to the Indo-US nuclear deal and the Kashmir issue. Also the Indo-US relationship has never been better that during the presidency of Bush. McCain seems to have been undone by his running mate Sarah Palin possibly the most insane woman on earth today. Also he does not seem to be as good a orator as Barack Obama is and seemed like a no-contest for Obama during the debates.

Well all the debates and discussion, celebrity endorsement will finally yield results as the D Day has finally arrived and within the next 36 hours the world will know who will be in the most powerful seat on earth and helming the affairs of the entire globe. Be it the global markets or the various military commanders the world over everyone is keeping a close eye on the Obama v/s McCain tussle. Its unarguably the hottest seat on earth for humanity next only to god.


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