Friday, October 18, 2013

Mouth Watery Tikka at Hotel Golf View Suits

Some years back I had a friend from Cameroon who was a bit choosy about food. Whenever we went out to dine in Bangalore he would ask be if the food is healthy. Having accompanied him to restaurants serving delicacies from around the country I finally declared “We Indians only like tasty food, and care little about our health as long as we get that amazing sensation in our mouth and tongue.” During my recent visit to Gurgaon I had the opportunity to stay in Hotel Golf View Suits which prominently figures as one of the best Gurgaon guest house as far as the ratings and reviews are concerned.

Coming back to the discussion on food, after a tiring day’s work, meeting my client I wanted to enjoy the day with some spicy food. Was surely in no mood to go out and eat as that would definitely test the last bit of energy in my body. So I browsed through the guest houses’ website and immediately noticed the slogan ‘Delicious and Healthy Dining’ and instantly remembered what I had told my Cameroonian friend a few years back. Probably we do have ‘healthy and tasty’ food all synergised into one in India. The restaurant served Authentic Indian, Continental, Chinese, South Indian and various other cuisines and would definitely suit all kinds of taste buds. 

I ordered for some Chicken and Paneer Tikka to go with some Butter Nan from the restaurant in the guest house. I requested them to be prepared spicy hot as that is how I best like them. The service was prompt and within 15 minutes these were served to my room. As soon as the food was in the room there was a pleasant aroma all around. Served with fresh salad from the outside they looked delicious but as always I never like jumping into a conclusion about the food till I have tasted it. 

Both Chicken and Paneer Tikka tasted fresh and were packed with spicy flavours. Likewise Butter Nan was soft and went perfectly with these two delicacies. The spices had perfectly blended in lending that perfect taste that makes Tikka such a popular dish across the world. One thing I can surely stamp on that my stay in Gurgaon was quite an adventure. If it was a gruelling day with the client there was always something to cherish at Golf View Suits. Sometimes it was a walk around the Golf Course that would relax you but the best part was enjoying some mouth watery Chicken and Paneer Tikka. I just wished I could pack some home as this was surely one of the best Tikka that I had in my life. If not for anything else I won’t mind staying in this guest house on my next visit to Gurgaon.


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