Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Hotel Stay That Is Worth Remembering

As a freelancer who often has to travel to meet clients there are two things that I look for in a hotel – comfort (by which I don’t mean staying in a Presidential Suit) and secondly the budget as sadly all that I pay goes from my own pocket. So during my recent sojourn to Gurgaon for some evening tea with one of clients I started browsing through the net for a budget hotel in Gurgaon. Trust me there are so many offering so much that you often tend to get confused on which one to pick. Tall promises and well-crafted gallery are the hallmark of each hotel’s official website. So I started taking into account another factor that most of us consider while on a business trip ‘PROXIMITY’. 

My client was located in IFFCO Chowk and I had to look for a hotel nearby and also one that would offer me an easy access to Delhi where I could meet with some of my friends. Hotel Golf View Suits seemed perfect for my stay in Gurgaon. It is merely 3 kilometres from IFFCO Chowk and 1 kilometre from MG Road Metro Station. So taking prabhu ka naam I made a booking in the hotel. For a 3 star hotel in Gurgaon room rents starting at Rs. 1990 with buffet breakfast included and I couldn’t have asked for more. Among the facilities available 32" Flat Screen LCD TV and free WiFi Internet Access were some that attracted me. I can’t live without checking out on the latest news and sports and having access to the Internet. 

The hotel was welcoming with spick and span room that is the first thing that would strike anybody who stays in any hotel. The hotel staffs were available on call, all throughout the way looking to comfort their guest in a professional manner that most of us expect. It is located in sector 43 close to Golf Course Road and thus you can spend a nice evening waking by the course and relax yourself after a tiring day in the thankless weather that Gurgaon has on offer! This is something that one would look for while on an official trip where your client doesn’t see any good in your work when it comes to increasing the moolah. 

Hotel Golf View Suits offered me the perfect relaxing environment after a gruelling day. Another thing that struck me was the food. It was good and the prices even reasonable so it seems well within the reach of any walk-in freelancer who won’t need to worry about the credit card bills after tasting some of the best delicacies from India and around the world. I have stayed in good, cheap and sorry state hotels all my life and have come to the conclusion that tariff alone doesn’t decide on your experience. What is important is at the end of the day you need to walk out happy and this time I did so I would definitely stay in this place while on my next trip and also advise others to do so.  


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