Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thrash is BACK!!!

By: Abhishek Sen

When the first thrash movement had taken the metal world by storm, I was coming up to be the same age as many fans of the new wave of thrash are now. Mind you, I'm only 23 but I missed out on enjoying the first wave of thrash as, by the time I was old enough to really get into it, the world had become obsessed with grunge and metal was very difficult to come by (I stay in Shillong, India. Metal is difficult to come by anyways). The point is, Thrash Metal never died, it just vanished into the underground until the tides turned once again, which they obviously have done now.

Hacks have always said that fashions in music are cyclic and thus we have been vindicated with the whole 80s retro movement that has been boring the fuck off of many people for a while now. Pretty much the only bit of this movement has been the resurgence in interest in old school thrash metal. While the denim and patches may be new facsimiles of the originals, the enthusiasm is the same as it ever was.

Here was a movement that eschewed image in favour of riffs and an atmosphere of excitement, and while many thrash bands just wanted to party, there were even more that had a genuine message, be it social, political or otherwise. It was a movement in which musicians were pushed to the limits of their skills, or conversely, just having as much fun as possible through making a GREAT BIG NOISE. Thrash was exciting. That's the thing. It was EXCITING. Remembering classic albums by Forbidden, Kreator, Exodus, Onslaught, Over Kill, Testament and all the others fills many metalheads with nostalgia, while those same albums are inspiring a brand new generation of synchronised headbangers to come up with the ultimate pit anthems.

Thanks to bands like Municipal Waste, Evile, Gama Bomb and their peers the excitement is back, the spirit of those early years is back and they are also pointing new fans at the classic masters of the genre.

Here are a few bands you might wanna check out :

Evile :
Slayer's aggression+Metallica's leadership and Anthrax's writing talent+Speed derived from Venom and Mötorhead = You get a debut (Enter The Grave), which is as significant to new thrash what Kill 'em All was to old thrash.
Must Hear : "Thrasher"
"Enter the Grave

Municipal Waste :
The result of S.O.D. and D.R.I. and the answer to our prayers. Crossover and speed metal at it's finest. Municipal has led the Thrash Wagon for quite a while now.
Must Hear : "The Art of Partying"
Hazardous Mutation

Gama Bomb :

As relevent to the current scene as Anthrax were to the old school. Their love of Comics, Zombie Flicks & their sense of humor shine through their blistering brand of thrash concocted in Ireland. Major Plus Point - Awesome Singer ala Joey Belladonna.
Must Hear : "Zombie Brew".
Citizen Brain

Bonded by Blood :

"First gate of Hell. Is where I first Fell. Searching for Eternal Life". This generation's Exodus, who, infact are so inspired by the legends, that they have named the band after the legendary Exodus' debut album. This is your basic thrash.
Must Hear : "Immortal Life".
Feed the Beast

Toxic Holocaust :
With Song titles like "Wild Dogs","Blood Feedback & Distortion" & "Endless Massacre", one man band, Joel Grind can definately put the money where the mouth is. The Megadeth of New Wave of Thrash Metal.
Must Hear : "Wild Dogs"

Abhishek Sen is a 'Metal Fan' ever since I have known him since our childhood. He is currently working as a RJ in Shilliong and regularly posts on his blog The Scene


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