Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Should we include Kasab in 26/11 remembrance?

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Time flies they say and it indeed does. It has been one year since India witnessed the worst case of urban terror. The Government started the ball rolling by sacking ministers and trying to convince the international community of Pakistan's involvement in the attack. It also initiated Ajmal Kasab's trial which has seen more drama than Ekta Kapoor could ever imagine. The Centre also sent dossiers to Pakistan which always came back with more questions than answers.

The civil society was not too far left behind and India's Aam Aadmis and not so Aam Admins took a oath to fight the corrupt and inefficient polity in the country. Media promised not to let the matter of internal security get brushed under the carpet. Bollywood planned to show the heroics of the Indian soldiers through the celluloid. Too many promises and and too less results. Have we really been able to change things in the past one year?

The sacked ministers are back and international community is tired of India's complaints. Kasab's case has turned into a drama and Pakistan feels 26/11 is too old an issue to talk about. The civil society is back minding its own business and media has god some more interesting topic to increase its TRP. Bollywood is unable to figure out how to put an item number in a 26/11 patriotic movie and unless it does it there can be no movie on 26/11.

One week prior to the anniversary we all come alive. From candle light processions to observing silence we will all relive 26/11 and then digest it once again. What kind of criminal justice system do we have in this country when we can't bring a terrorist like Kasab to justice. Isn't it the biggest joke among the enemies of India? We are ready to get slaughtered but we are not ready to hard decisions and are keeping a man like Kasab alive causing agony to the family members of those killed.

One solution perhaps could be to bring out Kasab and make him a part of our 26/11 remembrance. Our judicial system could not punish him perhaps the helplessness in the eyes of the Aam Aadmi might make him remorse for the act of madness he carried on a year ago. What if Kasab stars regretting his act and wants to turn a saint and go to Pakistan to preach non-violence. This could perhaps help us prevent a few more terror attacks in India.

If this sounds sarcasm then the only solution for the government is to do deliver justice to the families of the 26/11 victims.


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