Thursday, November 19, 2009

So little sugar in the Parliament!

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

The first day when the school re-opens it is seldom that children involve themselves in fights but for some vague our Parliamentarians just seem to worst that school kids. The first day of the winter session started but our MPs instead of greeting each other after long break from quarrels but they seemed to be back to the 'Normal Parliamentary Business' within minutes. The first war for this session began over sugar prices, our leaders certainly lack a little bit of sweetness.

The day began with thousands of Indian farmers protesting low state-controlled sugar cane prices. This It was an testimony to the fact that the UPA government hasn't lived up to its 'Aam Aadmi' campaign. The fresh slogan for the Congress seems to have become 'Khaas Aadmi'. Post Lok Sabha Elections in May the 'Aam Aadmi' government seems to have shying away from the rural growth that it has so often proudly talked about.

The government is not only facing the heat of the Opposition parties on the issue but also has to face the wrath of some of the its allies. The Opposition (irrespective of political parties) which has always made a mountain out of a mole in any Parliamentary session sees its victory in disruption of session. It is anybody's guess when was the last time an entire Parliament Session went through without any meaningless disruption.

If Parliament is the platform for the people's representatives to debate the policies of the government why do they want it to be disrupted. Why do they want to target each other through election rallies or the media rather than getting involved in quality debates in the parliament. The reason is simple, screaming needs no logical arguments but debate does. It is known fact that most of the 'people's representative' don't know a thing about the nation.

India have learned to live with the poor quality of its politicians thanks to its attitude of turning away from politics. But it would definitely like its representative to behave in a more dignified manner in the house when lot's of cameras are capturing every second of the session and broadcasting it live. A good solution to all these could be mixing a extra spoon of sugar into the tea, coffee or the fruit juices served to our Parliamentarians. Oops! This time the debate is on sugar itself.


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