Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Politicians should not demoralise security forces

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Mamata Banerjee at her rally in Lalgarh was bound to have some controversy and she did. The maverick leader from Bengal whose rally was attended by the Maoist sympathisers (PCPA) in huge numbers condemned "the manner" in which Maoist spokesperson Cherukiri Rajkumar, alias Azad, was "killed" in Andhra Pradesh last month. It seemed as if the Trinamool Congress leader was speaking on the same lines as the Left wing rebels who alleged that Azad was killed in cold blood.

Who was Azad? Was he a social worker working for the destitutes? Was he a spiritual leader, preaching peace? No, he was a hardcore Maoist leader who was trying to overthrow democray in India. The same democracy that gives people like Mamta a chance to speak their mind. In a Maoist India she would have been shot dead for making such a statement questioning the act of the government and the security forces in the country.

Social activist Swami Agnivesh might have been trying to act as a self styled peacemaker between the government and the Left wing extremists. He wasn't appointed by the government and thus the security forces were under no moral or combat obligation to not deal with Maoists (read anti-socials) like Azad. Maoists haven't announced any unilateral ceasefire for the government and the security forces to observe restrain.

These sort of political populism do one thing very well, they demoralise the security forces in the country. The men in khaki who are fighting in alien environment deserve some more support from the politicians in the country. Why did Mamata do this? Political mileage is the word and Mamata seems to have learnt the art to use it for her political gains. Her obsession to sit in Writers is making her forget the responsibility as a Union Cabinet Minister.

This is not the first time that the Trinamool chief has made such a statement. She had earlier raised questions about the Batla house encounter in Delhi where Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma has sacrificed his life fighting the terrorists. If that was to reach out to the minority community the fresh bid is to become popular in backward areas of Bengal where the Maoists are running the show. The same Mamata had once made the insane statement that there were no Maoists in Bengal.

Maoists guerrillas have been facing the music ever since Operation Green Hunt was launched. In their bid to create pressure the government to call it off they are trying every possible tr ick in the book. Mamata should understand her responsibility as a Union Minister and citizen of this country and should stop becoming a pawn in the hands of the Maoists She will not be able to run such political shows if India falls in the wicked hands of the Maoists.


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