Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pakistan falls victim to its own monster

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

There is a saying in the Indian culture that when you play too much with fire you are at the risk of burning your hands. The saying holds true for our neighbour Pakistan. For years Islamabad harboured the so called jehadis to first fight the Russians in Afghanistan and than create trouble in India. But now Islamabad and the entire Pakistan is having to live under constant fear of attacks by the same 'holy fighters' whom they were once proud of.

The back to back attacks on Lahore have once again proved that the Frankenstein Monster that Pakistan created is slowly moving towards controlling the entire nation. The irony is that Pakistan is probably the only nation in the world which is actively supporting terrorism at the same time facing its heat. It is not surprising for New Delhi that Pakistan still supports terror camps in the Pak occupied Kashmir and regularly backs infiltration into India.

The Pakistani army is too far stretched to make a productive counter attack against these men who quite freely roam in the streets of Pakistan. On one hand the Pakistani army is guarding the Pak-Afghan border and fighting rebels in Baluchistan. On the other hand it is being attacked in the most fortified of the places in the county and the terrorists are striking at will at their cantonments. Its obsession with India on the eastern front means that it is unable to redeploy troops to take on the terrorists.

The fundamental problem for Pakistani people and the government lies with the fact that they are obsessed with India and the Kashmir issue. Since the defeat in the 1971 war Pakistani government with the help of religious fundamentalist have intoxicated generations of young men and women to have a strong anti-India feeling which later turned into a anti-West feeling when US attacked Afghanistan after the fall of Twin Towers in 2001.

There is no easy solution for the problem in Pakistan. The culture of promoting terrorism has to be looked into seriously if Pakistan has to come out of this menace. The people of Pakistan must understand that they individually stand to gain nothing from the Kashmir issue but being obsessed about this issue might trigger the Doom's Day for them. The Pakistani government must focus on saving precious lives in Pakistan rather than taking lives of Indians by promoting a proxy war in India.


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