Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Year On: What Modi Offered NE

By Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

It’s exactly a year, that Narendra Modi let NDA government has been at the helm of affairs in New Delhi. 365 days may be too early to judge the performance of a government that had earned the mandate to hold office for five years, but the hype and the hyperbola created by Modi and other BJP leaders during the election campaign has left the general people of this country a little impatient. There were a lot of promises made specific to the people of the North Eastern region right from promoting the bio-diversity to creating jobs, dealing with insurgency and overcoming the perennial problems of poor infrastructure in the region. The campaign was nothing short of a promise for a better tomorrow.

The Prime Minister during his election campaign in different states of the North East had made a number of promises for the people of the region. Calling this region “Ashta Lakshmi” a term borrowed out of the Hindu text he had said “Yeh Bharat Ke Bhagya Badalne Ki Astha Laxmi Hai (The Eight States Have The Potential To Change India’s Destiny)” while holding an election rally in Imphal in 2015. A year on we take a look at what the Modi led NDA government has offered the region and where has it failed to live up to the promises....Read More


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