Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal Contacts Insurance Firms To Insure His Cheeks

By: Subhadeep Bhaattaachaarjee

After he was slapped for the third time in less than a month, Aam Aadmi Leader and ex-Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal now wants to insure his cheeks. Sources close to him say that he has contacted some of the leading insurance companies in the country. It may be noted that Kejriwal has asked his close aids to look out for a policy from a nationalized insurance firm as private ones might work under instructions from Mukesh Ambani and might deny him any compensation. 

A party insider told this reporter that Arvind got this idea while praying at Mahatma Gandhi's samadhi in Rajghat after the third recent slap gate incident. Though the opposition termed it as drama for Kejriwal it was time to relax and recover from the 10000 Volt shock that he had received earlier in the day. The party insider said that “Bapu answered his prayers and suggested him that he lends his other cheek the next time. Arvind was reluctant and argued that he has become the biggest victim in trying to uphold Gandhian principles.”

Though the insurance companies don't want to comment on this officially an anonymous source from a leading insurance firm commented “We often get such bizarre request from politicians especially during the election season. During the last Lok Sabha polls a leader of the opposition wanted to insure the results as he was sure of losing.” The source added that “We are checking out our laws and by-laws to see if such a policy can be worked out. But one thing that I can assure you is the premium would definitely be on the higher side.”

This might also be a good opportunity to add to the party coffers after its public support has constantly been eroding since the 49-day slam bang game that the party was involved in. Many of its Lok Sabha candidates have withdrawn from the race after the party ‘high command’ failed to provide them the minimum funds required to fight the election in the true Aam Aadmi style. A disgruntled candidate was recently heard saying “I bought a dozen brooms from my own money but I cannot afford to buy brooms any more if the central leadership doesn't offer me the required funds.”


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