Saturday, September 4, 2010

When Bharat bandh is observed in Bengal!!!!

By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

The trade unions has called for a Bharat bandh under the leadership of Left backed Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU). The 24 hour diktat is to bring government’s attention to price rise. The Bandh will be 100% successful in West Bengal, 50% in Kerala (half the Malyalee community is busy in Gulf’s oil exploration) and also in Tripura which will go unnoticed due to its fate of being a North Eastern state. In the rest of the country the trade unionists won’t be able to stop their family members from going to work.

In the last six months this is the third time that West Bengal is being crippled by a thing called a bandh. Wasn’t 5th of July also observed as a bandh in the state in protest against the price rise? Did it help in doing any good other than hitting the daily wage workers, patients, passengers and even politicians who are not wasting a single day campaigning for the upcoming Assembly elections? Who’s good did they do anyway?

A migrant taxi driver from Bihar told me that his co-drivers in the union do not want to accept such diktats from their union leaders. He said Bangali drivers band nehi chahata hai Dada (Even the Bengali drivers do not want a bandh). It shows that not all Bengalis are not communists who want such unplanned holidays even though the people sitting in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi opine so. A lady from whom I buy stationary said CPM er raj e khola rekechi dokan ebar ki bondo rakhbo (I kept my shop open in the heydays of the CPM rule, what fear do I have now?)

The Communists who are in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in Bengal are trying their last ditch effort to hold on to their own version of the ‘Red Fort’. But alas people of Bengal seem to have enough of them. Soviet Union the mother of Communism has shunned the obsolete ideology about two decades back, China has turned into a Ultra Capitalist nation but the leaders here fail to read between the lines. Do we hear such strikes in China whom our Left leaders patronise? The Left will never tell this truth to the people of Bengal!

They should read the writing on the wall and think about a honourable farewell from the state they have ruled for more that three decades. Adolf Hitler committed suicide to have an honourable exit from history rather than fall into the hands of the Allied forces. Honour is the greatest jewel that a leader can earn. They have a few more months in power and should utilise it in building Bengal and not breaking it into parts.


Santanu Das December 29, 2010 at 12:12 PM  

Nice post Subhadeep. You brought out the thoughts of Bengalis quite well. But I believe Bengalis who live outside still quite miss those unscheduled holidays.

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